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Bike successfully retrieved from bike shop: 1

Attempt to re-learn how to ride: Successful

Number of stationary cars bumped into at very low speed: 2

Number of moving cars run into, at somewhat less low speed: 1

Number of nice people I scared shitless: 1

Number of scraped elbows: 1

Number of scraped knees: 1

Humiliation level: Pretty damn high

Elation level: Also pretty damn high

Need for kneepads and elbowpads: Astronomical

Time before I actually take this show on the road, where there are cars moving faster than 5 mph: Weeks. Possibly months.

Odds that I'll come back from Burning Man in one piece after riding the bike on the playa for several days: 5 to 1 against

Shit given: Not too much

Ability to laugh at self hysterically for being a giant clumsy dork: Completely functional
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I got a bicycle. HOLY FUCKING CRAP, as the kids say. It's a sweet little vintage Schwinn girl's cruiser. Bright, bright lemon yellow, and single speed. The biggest pain in the ass part of transporting this bike, but also what makes it look so goddamn sexy? Its massive handlebars. It's the motherfuckin' Texas Longhorn of bicycles, bitches. It is impossible to fit in my car unless I take the handlebar assembly off.

Jeff helped me work on it today--took the wheels off, replaced one of the inner tubes, replaced the chain, etc. It's old and kinda rusty and needlessly difficult in a lot of ways (holy Jebus, getting the wheels off alone is a project and a half), but I only need to get it in decent enough working condition for Burning Man. The more comprehensive overhaul can wait when I get back. These vintage cruisers can sometimes go for over $400 new. Craziness! I want to get mine in mint shape and pimp it out, though I don't know how realistic my ambition is going to be, given my current commitments.

Oh, and I named it Evan, after Evan Dando, because a) he's the singer of The Lemonheads, and b) he's notorious for being crazy and difficult to work with.

Pictures soon.

Tangential and needlessly vague personal life update: It's been an exhausting and crazy weekend, both physically and (a little bit) emotionally. Don't worry, nothing bad is happening to me at the moment--in fact, quite the opposite in many ways--but it distresses me when friends are distressed, and I have some friends who aren't doing so great right now.


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