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I'm curled up on the couch in my aquamarine-and-yellow leopard print pajamas, finishing my Intellectual Property Reading before my 3:30 class.

On my left: Eric, with his cheek firmly pressed against the heating vent of my Thinkpad, the rest of his body draped across my feet.

On my right: Hitlercat, snuggled up against my right arm, curled up on a stack of cushions, making funny purry-snorty sounds.

It's difficult to type, but oh my God, I'm not sure you can cram much more snuggly cute into this picture unless you Photoshop koalas hugging in the background or something.
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I've never done one of those "DUDES, check out my awesome new userpic!" posts before.

There's a first time for everything, friends.

DUDES, check my awesome new userpic! Does it not make your head a-splode from cuteness?
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A day late, but this still seems apropos:

No snow in Portland, though they're projecting some freezing rain tonight. FUN.
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Props to Cute Overload for pointing out the Tiny Animals on Fingers photoset on Flickr.

I've bitten my lips SO HARD trying not to squee all over some of the photos. Like owwwwwwwww.

Under the cut lies some serious headsploderation. Click only at your own risk. )

Hey, don't blame me if you haven't recovered from the headsploderation. I warned you, man.
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Everyone who knows me, knows that while I love critters of all sorts, I'm a cat person. Cats, in my opinion, strike the perfect balance: they're not as high-maintenance as dogs (and God knows they smell a lot better), and if you feed them the right high-protein diet their litterbox won't smell like much of anything; they're also more trainable and interactive than rodents and lagomorphs, as well as a whole lot less fragile.

However, despite my love of Felis silvestris catus, I maintain that there's nothing cuter than a rabbit. Baby rabbits, in particular, can literally make your heart stop with their obnoxious cuterifficness.

Warning: do not look below if you're prone to cardiac arrest. Seriously. )


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