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If Seymour Hersh is right about the assassination ring run by Bush and Cheney, all I can say is: that wasn't so much a Presidency as it was a 14-year-old kid's fantasy fueled solely by Tom Clancy novels and GI JOE cartoons.

"I'm the President! I can do anything! Look, I even have kung-fu grip!"

Though perhaps I'm revealing my naivete in refusing to acknowledge that ALL Presidents have their own professional death squad?

Prop. 8

Nov. 5th, 2008 09:11 am
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I have any number of things I've been meaning to write about for the last couple of weeks, but finding out that Proposition 8 passed in California is making me angry to the extent that I can feel a small nugget of rage constantly tickling the back of my head.

I can't even write anything that's more coherent than that, not right now. I'm just MAD.

In good news: Holy shitballs, President Obama. This is amazing.

But that tickling feeling? Not going away.
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This is probably old news to some of you, but I'd only recently caught wind of the text for the proposed legislation to authorize the Treasury to bail out the various concerns that spontaneously imploded last week (and by "spontaneously," I mean "we've been expecting this shitstorm since last year"), to the tune of $700 billion.

But the best part of this shit fiesta is the shit frosting that's topping a veritable masterpiece of shit-cakery: Section 8 of the proposed act, entitled, with an admirable brevity, "Review."

Sec. 8. Review.

Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.

Wow. That's not just balls. That's...that's, like, swingin' around a hairy pair the size of a 5-mile asteroid and using them to smack the living crap out of the taxpayers in the face before dive-bombing from a great height and creating a crater the size of a small country off the coast of New York.

(Yes, I know the analogy is terrible. Just...go with it, OK? I'm kind of too infuriated to make my stupid analogies less stupid right now. The other analogy that came to mind involved Paulson taking a red crayon to the Constitution, crossing out all of Articles I and III and writing "SPRING BREAK WOO!" all over them before streaking across the quad.)

(And THEN smacking everybody across the face with his 5-mile-wide balls.)

Coincidentally, we're covering judicial review of agency actions and regulations right now in Administrative Law, and this definitely makes me a lot more interested in my readings.

I'm deriving comfort from the fact that Congress has reacted with a collective "DUDE YOU'RE SHITTING US RIGHT" and "NO YOU CAN'T HAS BAILOUT NOT YOURS." Oregon's very own Peter DeFazio, bless his heart, kind of exploded all over this proposed legislation, and it's great to watch.

I love the quiet venom in his voice as he intones "It's about $1 billion a word." Made me want to run up to him and plant a big juicy smooch on his cheek, Bugs Bunny-style.
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Dudes! The California Supreme Court finally got off their asses and ruled 4-3 that prohibiting same-sex marriages was unconstitutional, going so far as to say that discrimination based on sexual orientation is on the same legal footing as racial and gender bias.

Holy shit!

I mean, holy shit!

(The victory, however, is still provisional: Californians can still vote in November to put a same-sex marriage ban in the Constitution.)

The dissent by Judge Marvin Baxter agreed with many of the arguments set forth by the majority but argued that the court had overstepped its bounds and that this was an issue that should be decided by the voters.

No. No it shouldn't. When it comes to the rights of the minorities, the disenfranchised and the underprivileged, the voters and legislators are the worst bodies to determine and define those rights. Because guess what? There's a goddamn motherfucking turdburgling reason why these people are disenfranchised in the first place--the inequities exist because the majority are reluctant to put the disadvantaged on the same footing as they are. We've seen this over and over again with gender discrimination and racial discrimination; a lot of the rhetoric surrounding inter-racial marriage echoes what's being said about same-sex marriage now (It flies against everything we know to be wholesome and healthy! You're still allowed to marry, you just can't marry the one you want! You're violating traditional notions of family and marriage! You're violating the natural order [unspoken subtext: as determined by our interpretations of an ancient and highly unreliable sacred text supposedly revealed by a Judeo-Christian God]).

What I really want to know is: What kinds of traditional definitions of marriage are these people pulling out of their asses? Marriage, an institution based on legal and cultural traditions, changes with the times, and attempting to point to an arbitrary point in the past and go "Here, HERE'S where the real traditional marriage is, and we should freeze it there forever" strikes me as, if you'll pardon my French, plein de motherfucking merde.
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Indiana recently passed a bill that requires all entities selling "sexually explicit material" (defined as anything designed solely to stimulate the genitals, anything that would inspire the "prurient sexual interest of minors" and anything related to BDSM) to pay a $250 fee to the Secretary of State and being registered with local zoning authorities as a purveyor of, well, sexually explicit material.

So yeah--anything that would inspire the "prurient sexual interest of minors"? What the fuck? That would probably include everything from Victoria's Secret catalogues to cute classmates to hardcore porn. The BDSM thing...I just don't even know any more. I give up. These politicians seem to be scrambling for a new hot button to push now that the Supreme Court has said homogay buttsex is OK. It's quite mind-bogglingly stupid.

...can I get into trouble for sending links to Japanese eel porn, 2 Girls 1 Cup or fursuitsex.com to members of the Indiana legislature?

At any rate, I go on for considerably longer about this issue at Smart Bitches.

In other news: Mongolian Death Flu marginally less deathly, though I've found that trying to go on less than 9 hours of sleep a day just doesn't work. I mean that literally--I can't function. I can barely walk and talk, and the only thing I can do is seek more sleep. Guh.
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Ben and I were talking about Barack Obama last night, and after expressing extreme excitement at the possibility of having a president who not only a) is able to speak without sounding like a tragic rabbit-lovin' character from a Steinbeck novel, and b) displays more charisma than the average lump of uncooked dumpling dough, but also c) demonstrates ferocious intelligence, and d) has values that are actually kind of aligned with both the way things work and the way I think things should work, I noted that Obama is, indeed, one fine-lookin' man. "Dude's, like, the beautiful bastard love child of Marvin Gaye and Abe Lincoln," I believe were almost my exact words.

All of which is offered as an excuse for the following:

Marvin Gaye + Abraham Lincoln = CRAZY DELICIOUS
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Oregon House OKs gay rights bills.

Oregon's gays and lesbians would win the benefits of marriage and protections against discrimination under landmark bills approved Tuesday by the Oregon House.


One would enable same-sex couples to enter into contractual relationships that grant them the same benefits offered to married couples under state law. The bill refers to the relationships as "domestic partnerships."

The other bill would ban discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people in employment, housing and access to public accommodations.

I'm a little sniffly right now, to tell you the truth. Progress is slow and difficult, but it's happening. Credit to [livejournal.com profile] linettasky for alerting me to this story.

(Heh. That Harvey Birdman icon I'm using is even more apropos than usual.)

OK, I'm done spamming you today.
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I'm a regular Mary motherfucking Sunshine today. The Supreme Court has upheld the law banning intact dilation and evacuation (otherwise known as partial-birth abortion, a term I hate hate hate--almost as much as I hate the term "pro-life").

What can we do? Not too much, unfortunately. But the fight isn't over yet. Here are people to whom you can shuffle some cash, should you feel inclined:

Planned Parenthood

NARAL Pro-Choice

Feel free to write your Senators and House Representatives, too, and let them have a piece of your mind. There's a certain "closing the barn door after the horses have bolted" air to it, but it can't hurt.

And then there's voting. I can't vote--yet--so y'all will have to do it for me. Let's see a slightly less fucked administration come into power in 2008, eh? (Oh, hey, that's setting the bar high! "Less fucked than the Bush administration, please!" HahahahaCRY.)

Sarah and I were talking today about what would make us throw our hands and give up on America. Given recent events, our moods are, shall we say, pretty goddamn dire. We both agreed that a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage would do it it, for sure, but swear to God, if they repeal Roe v. Wade in my lifetime, I'm going to see if Canada wants a tiny, foul-mouthed Chinese Malaysian with a law degree.
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In today's example of "Wow, the point just whooshed by so fast past these people that you could hear a sonic boom from its passing," a theater company changed its marquee to read "The Hoo Ha Monologues" instead of "The Vagina Monologues."

Seriously. The HOO HA MONOLOGUES. They've restored the marquee to the original title now, but Sarah posted this snippet of news on Smart Bitches, and the Bitchery has come up with the following suggestions, should the Floridians require other euphemistic titles for The Vagina Monologues:

Twat Tales
Coochie Conversation
Pussy Galore
Clam Conundrum
Tales of the Taco
If These Bearded Lips Could Talk
Parting the Beef Curtain
Love Box Babble
The Taco Show
Clit Chit Chat
Solipsistic Slits
The Erudite Orifice
Gabby Glistening Orifices
Pedantic Pussies
Navel-Gazing Nuunuu
Prattling Poontang
The Loquacious Hey Nanner Nanner
Conversationalistic Coochies
Yappy Yaws
Very Verbal Vaggy
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Tidbit 1: It really blows my goddamn mind that some people were worked up about a Muslim congressman swearing into office using the Quran. In fact, it really, really motherfucking blows my mind that they expected him to swear in using the motherfucking Bible, and viewed his desire to take a ceremonial oath on a book that actually, y'know, means something to his faith, as somehow un-American and dangerous. What in the cunting motherfucking shitfuck is wrong with some people? Seriously.

Tidbit 2a: Finally watched The Prestige last night with [livejournal.com profile] ibnfirnas, [livejournal.com profile] xwrn and Antonia. What a fantastic movie. My expectations were pretty damn high, because a) Christopher Nolan, b) Christian Bale, and c) DAVID GODDAMN BOWIE AS NIKOLA GODDAMN TESLA, but this movie exceeded all expectations. It was over two hours long, but every single minute was essential to the plot--and best of all, I really had no idea how and where the movie was going to end up. The ending? Blew me away. Even the cheesy dying-gasp-of-air speech and Big Revelation were riveting. I will be buying this when it comes out on DVD, oh yessss, preciousss.

Also? The slash for that movie practically writes itself. And I'm not normally one for slash fiction.

Tidbit 2b: Finished watching Capote on Wednesday night. It was another movie that blew me away; Philip Seymour Hoffman deserved that Oscar and then some. The movie's take on Capote as an utterly self-centered being with the occasional self-aware glimpse of what he'd become was just brilliant. Watch this movie. Do it.

Announcement: I'll be in Califnordia from tonight through Wednesday evening, gallivanting with assorted people at assorted times, but primarily with [livejournal.com profile] redsouffle, [livejournal.com profile] ariiadne, [livejournal.com profile] xwrn, [livejournal.com profile] vyrin and [livejournal.com profile] tarentel. We're going to catch a taping of The Price is Right live, eeeeee! If you need to get ahold of me, call me. This is going to rock so hard.

Also, a request: if anybody has suggestions for songs to play as we drive into Los Angeles, I'd love to hear 'em. So far, the contenders are:

"Los Angeles, I'm Yours" - The Decemberists
"Take California" - The Propellerheads
"California" - Wax
"Welcome to the Jungle" - Guns n Roses
"Paradise City" - Guns n Roses
"California Love" - 2Pac
"LAUSD" - Jurassic 5
"Californication" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Ænema" - Tool (I get the impression Maynard James Keenan isn't very fond of LA from this song; what about you?)
"Beverly Hills" - Weezer
"Burn Hollywood Burn" - Public Enemy
"Celluloid Heroes" - The Kinks
"Hollywood Freaks" - Beck
"Surf Wax America" - Weezer
"L.A." - Elliot Smith
"Boyz-n-the-hood" - Dynamite Hack
"Straight Outta Compton" - N.W.A.
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Democrat Jon Tester has just won the Senate race in Montana. We only need one more seat to regain the majority in both houses of Congress.

C'mon, Virginia! You can do eeeeet.

(I'm really amused by how very strongly I feel about this, given that I'm not a registered voter, much less a registered Democrat.)
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Ah, Rummy, we hardly knew ye.

I know crap-all about his replacement, Robert Gates. Anyone care to edumacate me on him?

p.s. I'm really enjoying the different sad pictures of Rumsfeld CNN cycles through as I refresh the front page. There's Gaydenfreude and Hovindfreude--can there also be Rummyfreude?


Nov. 7th, 2006 11:23 pm
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Ted Kulongoski re-elected.

Measure 43 defeated.

Measure 44 passed.

Santorum wiped clean. (Yeah, yeah, I had to take that shot. You know I had to.)

Ben Cannon, who has volunteered extensively with the Bus Project, won his seat in the Oregon state Senate. (He's my age. That boggles my mind, that somebody so young could win a state Senate seat.)

+25 seats in the US House of Representatives.

+3 +4 seats in the US Senate. (C'mon, bitch-asses, we need only three two more. ONLY TWO MORE. FUCK.)

Spent the first part of the evening at the Bus Project, making last-minute Get Out the Vote phone calls. We bandied about catch-phrases like "Just vote already, motherfucker", though we were considerably more polite to the people once we got them on the phone.

Watching Scott, a recent Reed graduate and Bus Project staff member, guilt people into voting nearly brought a tear to my eye. He was especially masterful with other Reed students. "You're a Reedie, right? Look, it's votes like yours that we need. You are critical to this election. There are ballot measures that directly affect young people like us, like measure 43, which covers parental notification for abortion procedures. The ballot drop box is available until 8 p.m., which is less than an hour from now. Do you have a car? No? Well, go find a friend with a car. No, seriously, no excuses. Do it." It was bullying at its finest, and I saw him pull this off three or four times. Dude's got skills.

Back to obsessively checking on the races in Virginia, Missouri and Montana.
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Oh dear god, this is awesome and hilarious: Match the politican to the smut they wrote.

I can't stop laughing at some of the excerpts. There are flailing breasts! Flailing wildly, even! Aaaaahahahahahahahaha.
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Happy National Coming Out Day. I am, near as I can tell, quite distressingly heterosexual, but I can honestly say I've had a little bisexual in me (*ba dum tish*). Oh, I kills me, kills me ded, I tell you.

Two things:

A coming-out story: )

A bit of poetry: )
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Hey, remember Bill Napoli? Yeah, the "rape is real only if it's hella rape" dude. There's apparently a viable Democratic candidate running against him this election. Theresa Spry needs all the help she can get--especially help of the filthy lucre kind.

Yeah, I know, none of us are Rich Uncle Pennybags or anything like that, but every little bit helps. Give what you can on-line, or mail your contribution directly to:

Theresa Spry (Dist. 35 Senate)
821 Halley Ave.
Rapid City, SD 57701

(Note there's a $250 cap for contributions to individual candidates, whereas funds donated to the PAC don't have such a limit.)

You know you want to help do your part in napoling Napoli.

Thanks to Smart Bitch Sharon for alerting me to this and pointing me to [livejournal.com profile] mcmillan's journal entry about Spry's candidacy.

Edited to add: Sarah, my co-Leader of All Things Smart Bitchery, has set up a contribution account for Spry at Actblue. I have the awesomest partner-in-crime, ever. You may think you do, but nope. Sarah is miles more awesome.
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The Senate passed the torture bill.

I don't think there's anything I can say that can adequately express how awful I think this is.

Find out how your representatives voted.

Here's to hoping the Supreme Court is still capable of doing what's right.
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Thing 1: Scientists and Engineers For America: A political advocacy group geared towards scientists and engineers. They even have a Bill of Rights for Scientists and Engineers. (Hot damn, that has got to be one of the sexiest collection of words in the English language.) My two favorite items:

6. Appointments to federal scientific advisory committees shall be based on the candidate’s scientific qualifications, not political affiliation or ideology.

7. The federal government shall not support any science education program that includes instruction in concepts that are derived from ideology and not science.

HOT! So sign up and/or contribute to the cause, if you're so inclined.

Thing 2: Check out this Trick-or-Vote handbill. Know who helped lay that out? Yeah, that's right, bitches. *thumbs to chest* ME. I didn't create the art or decide on the color scheme, but I laid it out and chose the fonts, go Team Moi, woo hoo. I have a bunch of printed out postcard versions of this, and I'm all squealy and excited because LOOK MA I HELPED MAKE THAT and yeah, I'm ridiculous like that.

The line-up on that handbill isn't final, by the way. We're hoping, hoping, hoping to get a brilliant MC and headliner; we'll know by next week, and if we do get who we hope to get, y'all should be able to hear my squeeing from clear across the country.

Thing 3: Tonight, I learned about Candidates Gone Wild. I'm enough of a dork to find the whole thing very, very amusing. Gubernatorial candidates subjected to a talent show and questions from the audience, accompanied by music and funny films? I'm there. If any of you wish to accompany me, I highly, highly recommend that you come (attending the event would be good, too, of course); tickets are only $4. I only wish I could vote.

Thing 4: My friend Jimmy, who's in Israel right now, called me today and left me a loooong message that starts out "Hello, your royal hotness" and ends with him singing along to "Mozzarella Swastika" by Adam Green. He wasn't even drunk. It's just...yeah, I have totally awesome friends.([livejournal.com profile] heyokish, aren't you jelus? Admit it, you are!)


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