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But first, an anecdote:

So we took Callisto in for a vet checkup today, and when the receptionist saw Callisto, she practically squealed and said "Oh my God, she looks just like our clinic kitten! They must meet!" She did a bit of kitten wrangling under a desk and emerged with a gorgeous long-haired black tabby Manx boy kitten, just a few weeks older than Callisto. We brought them close together and they snuffled noses, and the receptionist extended the Manx kitten's paws and petted Callisto on her head with them, and said "Look! I'm petting your kitten with my kitten! That makes it extra-cute. It's, like, meta-petting!"

"I'm petting your kitten with my kitten" is totally going to be a new, horribly inappropriate catchphrase with me.

I know, I know, make with the pictures already. )
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Landed, fresh and steaming, in my inbox just a few minutes ago:

Consider my day Totally Made.

I vote a Burma Shave-style doggerel contest! Winner, as judged by me, gets...my good opinion forever. And also a pie, if you live close enough to me or are willing to visit so that pie-to-piehole delivery logistics won't become too complicated or expensive.

Here's one I came up with--a tribute to eel porn:

The eels go where?
I dared to ask
I must endure
This slip'ry task
Burma Sauce
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Herein lies a tragic tale: the transformation of a cat passionate--serious, even--about order and the rule of law on Internet forums, into an agent of chaos and destruction.

Cut so that you don't need to look at fucknoxiously large pictures of cats with badly-spelled captions. )

For my previous LOLCAT short story effort, please see this heartbreaking tale of transformation, fear and loss.


Sep. 17th, 2008 10:48 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] quietselkie mentioned that she wanted to see my brand-new shovelglovin' muscles. Always glad to camwhore myself, so check out these two pictures of my brand-new biceps, now with free SPECKLY BATHROOM MIRROR:

Right gun! )

Left gun! )

Look, ma! I finally have the amount of muscle a healthy person should have instead of arms that were practically concave!

OK, in seriousness, I'm dead chuffed (as the kids say nowadays, snrk) about my muscles. I totally poke at them with glee, and make all my friends do so, whether they want to or not. (Kate has humored me very patiently so far.)
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Knocking the T-shirt down
Originally uploaded by misshepeshu.
Behold! Over 80 pictures of pirates, most of them of mediocre-to-downright-awful quality! That picture to the right is of me attempting to knock down a stray pirate T-shirt from the tree outside the Ash St. Saloon.

James posted a rather comprehensive and rather hilarious recap from his perspective as Chief Pirate Ship Propulsion System. He also has a fuckton of pictures here. Incidentally, below is the only picture I know of that shows off my very dashing goatee:

Aren't we a good-looking lot of pirates?
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I have uploaded over 60 photos from Santacon to my Livejournal gallery. Go have a look-see. I was going to link to the pictures to this post itself, but the "Insert image from Scrapbook Gallery" function seems broken at the moment, so yeah, fuck it.

But here are some favorites anyway. )

Christmas photos tomorrow.
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A day late, but this still seems apropos:

No snow in Portland, though they're projecting some freezing rain tonight. FUN.
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My idea for the Zombiewalk costume was trashy-housewife-caught-unawares-by-zombies-while-making-breakfast, so I bought a nightie, a robe, dodgy-looking fuzzy slippers and hair curlers. I also bummed a cigarette from [livejournal.com profile] arashikami, but it didn't last very long into the walk.

I ended up looking like the landlady from Kung Fu Hustle. Haaaa! But several people actually came up to me and told me how much they liked my costume, which pleased me no end.

And lesson learned: Fake blood is really sticky, and it hurts when you have to peel bloodstained fabric off your skin. It's basically an impromptu cold wax. Also, DO NOT GET ANY DOWN YOUR ASSCRACK. I'm just sayin'.

Took some photos; not as many as I did during the Plunderathon, but then the Plunderathon was an all-day event. Click on the cut for UNDEAD GOODNESS. )

Verdict: Fun. Would do again. Though I'd go easier on the fake blood the next time, 'cause OW.
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Props to Cute Overload for pointing out the Tiny Animals on Fingers photoset on Flickr.

I've bitten my lips SO HARD trying not to squee all over some of the photos. Like owwwwwwwww.

Under the cut lies some serious headsploderation. Click only at your own risk. )

Hey, don't blame me if you haven't recovered from the headsploderation. I warned you, man.
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Courtesy of Beth, a page full of vintage ads.

And Beth's right. This one is...I mean, what the...that is, what in the name of cream-filled Christ is...what?


I give up. On, like, everything.

p.s. My two other favorites: )
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OK, kittens! For the full directory of Plunderathon pictures, go here. What follows is just a selection of my favorite pictures. Click on the cut only if you're very patient, or if you have broadband and feel like looking at over twenty 600 x 450 pictures.

We are two mariners, our ship's sole survivors, in this belly of a whale... )
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Everyone who knows me, knows that while I love critters of all sorts, I'm a cat person. Cats, in my opinion, strike the perfect balance: they're not as high-maintenance as dogs (and God knows they smell a lot better), and if you feed them the right high-protein diet their litterbox won't smell like much of anything; they're also more trainable and interactive than rodents and lagomorphs, as well as a whole lot less fragile.

However, despite my love of Felis silvestris catus, I maintain that there's nothing cuter than a rabbit. Baby rabbits, in particular, can literally make your heart stop with their obnoxious cuterifficness.

Warning: do not look below if you're prone to cardiac arrest. Seriously. )


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