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I was mucking around some old text files (circa 2001, to be specific), and found an old e-mail I'd written to somebody on SparkMatch (the OKCupid precursor). I kicked it off like this:

She walked in looking like a million bucks and a heap of trouble. I like my broads the way I like my food: hot, fast and cheap, and baby, this one had the best set of Golden Arches I'd ever seen.

This is so pat, so neat, that I have to wonder whether I actually wrote this, or whether I filched it from somewhere.
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...I have XKCD dreams.

I dreamt last night that Randall Munroe published a collection of XKCD comics. They were printed on special electronic paper, and each page was filled with Easter eggs and secret little animations that would come to life, if you just knew where to touch.

Reed College ordered a thousand copies of the book. Of COURSE they did. And on the day they arrived, [livejournal.com profile] katealaurel and I joined the swarming mob to check out a copy.

I woke up deeply disappointed that it was just a dream. But hey, it's better than the spate of horrible nightmares I've been having about ghosts, or the end of the world, or Ben being swallowed alive by a Hypno-Toad the size of an elephant.


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