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Oct. 4th, 2008 01:06 pm
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The pang of grief I felt when I found out last week that Paul Newman had died surprised me. I haven't seen too many movies of his, but all three of the ones I've seen blew me away: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Hustler and Cool Hand Luke. The Hustler is my favorite of the bunch; I wept at the end of the movie.

It occurred to me then that all of Newman's roles I've seen so far have been anti-heroes. Given how good-looking he was (seriously: I almost expect space-time to warp around him from the sheer weight of his beauty), I respect the substance he brought to his roles, because it's so goddamn easy to coast on your good looks in Hollywood. (Halle Berry, I'm looking at you.)

Anyway, I'm determined to watch more Paul Newman films over the next few weeks. Here's a tentative list. Anyone who has suggestions to add, please feel free to chime in.

The Long, Hot Summer (Acquired)
The Young Philadelphians
Hud (Acquired)
The Secret War of Harry Frigg (apparently a crappy little WWII comedy, which is a sub-genre I have a soft spot for)
Sometimes a Great Notion (Jesus, I had no idea they made this into a movie; the book was one hot mess and I'm kind of afraid to see what the hell they did in the film adaptation)
The Sting (Acquired)
The Verdict (Acquired)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Acquired)
Torn Curtain
The Outrage (It features William Shatner! It's another Western adaptation of a Kurosawa movie! Yay!)
What a Way to Go! (More a Shirley Maclaine movie than anything else, but man, it sure features a lot of famous people. Also, an exclamation point in the title.)
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Just came back from watching 300 at the Laurelhurst with Schwern, and I have determined that the following are deemed Persian by the moviemakers:

- Fat men
- Effeminate men
- Black men
- Fat, effeminate black men, who, if the movie is to be believed, are the Platonic Form of Persians
- Chinese men
- Indian men
- Basically, any dudes with natural skin color that registers darker than "khaki" on a paint chart
- Crazy Tengu ninja men who are actually motherfucking VAMPIRES underneath their masks
- Bat Boy
- Lobster Boy
- Deformed men
- Deformed fat men, no blackness or brownness needed--the deformities are atrocious enough without making the poor things black, after all
- Men with piercings
- Make-up on men with piercings, especially tall, bald Brazillian drag queens
- With the exception of tasteful eyeliner on manly men with no piercings (you can tell they're manly and 100% heterosexual just like the historical Spartans because of their ability to bark loudly in response to any damn thing screamed at them by their king), and for this development I think we can thank Johnny Depp, all kneel and praise his holy name, RAmen
- Leprosy--I mean, even the Greek dudes with leprosy were in cahoots with the Persians
- Lesbians
- Hot lesbians
- Hot black lesbians
- Hot black lesbians with afros bigger than the national deficit
- Hot black lesbians with afros bigger than the national deficit willing to have meaningless sex with ugly, deformed traitors in an effort to bribe them for national security purposes, which is clearly evil and wrong, as opposed to hot white straight women with tastefully curled hair who are willing to have meaningless sex with smarmy, good-looking traitors in an effort to bribe them for national security purposes

Did I miss anyone?

(For the record, I enjoyed the movie tremendously. Never has so much man-titty and so much unintentional comedy been packed into so tight a space. I'd love to watch it with a bunch of you some time and yell quips at the screen properly instead of muttering to Schwern under my breath.)
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Tidbit 1: It really blows my goddamn mind that some people were worked up about a Muslim congressman swearing into office using the Quran. In fact, it really, really motherfucking blows my mind that they expected him to swear in using the motherfucking Bible, and viewed his desire to take a ceremonial oath on a book that actually, y'know, means something to his faith, as somehow un-American and dangerous. What in the cunting motherfucking shitfuck is wrong with some people? Seriously.

Tidbit 2a: Finally watched The Prestige last night with [ profile] ibnfirnas, [ profile] xwrn and Antonia. What a fantastic movie. My expectations were pretty damn high, because a) Christopher Nolan, b) Christian Bale, and c) DAVID GODDAMN BOWIE AS NIKOLA GODDAMN TESLA, but this movie exceeded all expectations. It was over two hours long, but every single minute was essential to the plot--and best of all, I really had no idea how and where the movie was going to end up. The ending? Blew me away. Even the cheesy dying-gasp-of-air speech and Big Revelation were riveting. I will be buying this when it comes out on DVD, oh yessss, preciousss.

Also? The slash for that movie practically writes itself. And I'm not normally one for slash fiction.

Tidbit 2b: Finished watching Capote on Wednesday night. It was another movie that blew me away; Philip Seymour Hoffman deserved that Oscar and then some. The movie's take on Capote as an utterly self-centered being with the occasional self-aware glimpse of what he'd become was just brilliant. Watch this movie. Do it.

Announcement: I'll be in Califnordia from tonight through Wednesday evening, gallivanting with assorted people at assorted times, but primarily with [ profile] redsouffle, [ profile] ariiadne, [ profile] xwrn, [ profile] vyrin and [ profile] tarentel. We're going to catch a taping of The Price is Right live, eeeeee! If you need to get ahold of me, call me. This is going to rock so hard.

Also, a request: if anybody has suggestions for songs to play as we drive into Los Angeles, I'd love to hear 'em. So far, the contenders are:

"Los Angeles, I'm Yours" - The Decemberists
"Take California" - The Propellerheads
"California" - Wax
"Welcome to the Jungle" - Guns n Roses
"Paradise City" - Guns n Roses
"California Love" - 2Pac
"LAUSD" - Jurassic 5
"Californication" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Ænema" - Tool (I get the impression Maynard James Keenan isn't very fond of LA from this song; what about you?)
"Beverly Hills" - Weezer
"Burn Hollywood Burn" - Public Enemy
"Celluloid Heroes" - The Kinks
"Hollywood Freaks" - Beck
"Surf Wax America" - Weezer
"L.A." - Elliot Smith
"Boyz-n-the-hood" - Dynamite Hack
"Straight Outta Compton" - N.W.A.
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Crank, a.k.a. "Dead Man Speed-Walking".

This looks like the deliciousest, cheesiest fun EVER. Plus I have a girlie hard-on for Jason Statham like you will not believe.

Anyone want to come with? [ profile] borktron? Anybuddy?
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That was brilliant. Never has a movie lived up (down) so thoroughly to my expectations. This movie may very well compete with Lone Wolf McQuade as Best Bad Action Flick EVAR.

Was there:

- Incredibly bad CG? Check

- Poisonous snakes behaving in ways no self-respecting snake would? Check

- Pointless love story? Checkey McCheck

- Snotty British guy dying in an especially gruesome way? Hellz yea check

- Deviant Sexual Behavior being punished? Unf check unf check

- Fat people getting bitten in an especially ridiculous manner? Check, and supersize the fries with that

- Horrible racially stereotyped villains? Nong nong dong bong CHECK

- Little kids and babies miraculously Not Dying? Checky checkersons

- "I've had it with these motherfucking snakes"? CHECK MOTHERFUCKER CHECK

And the video at the end by Cobra Starship? Fucking perfect. That part where Samuel L. Jackson looks up from his book at the airport, wearing the same Snakes on a Plane T-shirt that Jay was wearing...I think I ruptured something from the sheer weight of my glee.

Verdict: Am very glad I went on opening night with a theater full of dorks.
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Oh you know it's going to be sweet as fuck.

So. Snakes on a plane! Tomorrow, 10 p.m., Lloyd Center Cinemas. Who's in? I'm going after the Jason Webley show at the Red and Black. [ profile] theotherjay is (almost definitely?) going, too, sporting his TOTALLY AWESOME Snakes on a Plane T-shirt.

You know you want to, oh yes you do. E-mail me or leave comments here, and yea, we shall get together a posse of dorks to watch the most awesome movie featuring reptiles on an airborne vehicle EVER.
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I finally watched An Inconvenient Truth yesterday, dragging along [ profile] theotherjay and my friend Jen, she of the PhD in atmospheric chemistry (she wrote her dissertation on nitrogen radicals or summat--I used to know details about it back when she was in the thick of things, but now all I can remember about her research is that she worked with fricking lasers, yo).

What did I think of the movie? Sylvia wrote a review that says almost everything I wanted to, except with more eloquence and less profanity than I ever could've managed, so please go over there and read it--though I have no doubt the majority of you on my friendslist have already done so.

The few quibbles I have with the documentary are minor. To wit:

1. I felt that rehashing what happened in the 2000 election coup theft debacle was unnecessary.

2. I really could've done without the further propagation of the frog-in-gradually-boiling-water legend.

3. I was also puzzled by how global warming could possibly impact tuberculosis. The other diseases named that are spread by vectors such as insects, which could conceivably be killed off seasonally by cold spells and otherwise be affected by changing weather patterns, I could buy, but TB? International travel and antibiotic abuse seem to be much larger factors in the spread of newer, more virulent strains of TB.

4. Jay and I laughed out loud when Gore talked about the unique American democratic tradition that led to the end of slavery (unspoken: about 30 years after England had outlawed it) and to the birth of the civil rights movement (unspoken: about 100 years after black people were freed). The latter was especially hilarious, because unless my understanding of American history is wrong, much of the significant progress brought about by the civil rights era was largely due to judicial fiat, not legislative progressiveness. Legislate this from the bench, bitch.

But as Jay pointed out, when talking about American political history in public, especially in a documentary meant to appeal to the masses, this sort of rah-rah bait-and-switch is downright mandatory, and it was all presented in the context of a call to action and of what power the people can hold, etc., so as far as flaws go, this one wasn't too bad.

But what about the science? Did the documentary flub any of the scientific bits? As we walked out the theater, I asked Jen whether the movie had mis-represented any of the science, and she said "Nope. That movie just showed you what scientists have been screaming about for years and years."

All in all, this documentary is fascinating, moving (I cried a little when it came to the part about the polar bears), scientifically sound and inspiring--but most of all, it's so goddamn important. If you know of anyone who's skeptical about global warming--hell, if you're skeptical about global warming ([ profile] borktron, I have my eye on you) please, please, please go see it. I'm thinking of buying the DVD and making myself watch this at least once a year, just to let the images of the shrinking glaciers and drowning polar bears help me keep my goals at the forefront of my mind.
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One-off big screen showing of The Boondock Saints. This coming Monday (May 22) 8 p.m. at the Lloyd Center Cinemas. Ah, c'mon, you know you want to.

(God, if only they'd show that outtake of the two of them naked and talking to Ma on the big screen. *fans self*)


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