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No pictures yet, because I left my camera at [livejournal.com profile] xwrn's, but but but WE HAVE A KITTEN and HOLY CRAP SHE IS CUTE. She's a ten-week-old long-haired dilute tortoiseshell, which means she's mostly gray with splashes of buff/cream, and one hind leg is almost entirely orange creamsicle tabby. She's incredibly well-socialized--we got her from Must Love Dogs NW, which normally fosters dogs but occasionally takes in cats--and her foster parents have three girls ranging from early teen to just started grade school, as well as four dogs and two other cats (that we saw). The kitten's incredibly confident and social, and loud noises don't bother her at all, which is good, given that we're not a very quiet household. She spent some time hiding under the bed when we first brought her home, but she spent all night snuggling with both Robert and me, and now she only runs under the bed when she's badly startled. She loooooooves playtime (well, what kitten doesn't?), and took to raw food like a friggin' champ.

It took us a little while to decide on a name for her--candidates included Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (because we're gigantic Cowboy Bebop dorks), Emma Peel, Higgins, Jeeves, Io, Callisto, Schrodinger and Heisenberg. Ultimately, we decided on Callisto, because it just felt right. (Later, I found out that Kalliste means "most beautiful" in Greek, which delighted me inordinately.) Hopefully, she won't suffer the same tragedies of her namesake. But then, I guess that sort of beats being raped by a swan?

In any case, we have a kitten, and we are super-pleased. Hitlercat, on the other hand, is somewhat skeptical. We're introducing them slowly, over the course of a week or two, so Callisto is staying in the bedroom for now, while Hitercat has the run of the rest of the apartment. The activity for the next couple of days: scent swap! I rub a sock all over Callisto (who thinks it's a toy and wants to kill it) and give it to Hitler, and then I rub a sock all over Hitler (who thinks it's a tremendous bother and wants to escape from it) and give it to Callisto. Rinse, repeat.

In completely non-related news: I have a bitchin' case of the flu that I caught from Robert. It's two weeks before finals. And I'm still behind. Everything, from my joints to my skin to MY FREAKING HAIR aches. This semester hates me and wants me to die, I'm convinced of it.

But hey, I have two cats again. This makes me ridiculously happy. It doesn't make me miss Eric any less, of course, but snuggling with Hitlercat and Callisto = best stress therapy ever.

Once I get my camera back, there will be pictures, oh yessssss. In the meanwhile, if anybody wants to come visit, definitely feel free to drop by and say hello.
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This has been the pattern for the last four days:

1. Cough up a lung in the night, and half in the morning. This leaves me half a lung to breathe with throughout the day.

2. Wander around in a daze, attempting to work but falling asleep instead.

3. Exert myself in a minor capacity, like do the dishes or cook.

4. Exhaust myself so much that I take a four-hour nap.

5. Wake up, attempt to work, fall asleep instead.

6. Wake up, go to bed, sleep for nine hours. Cough up a lung in the night, and half in the morning.

I am really really ready for this to stop. Blargh.


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