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One of the exercises I had the most fun with in fiction class was the mugshot exercise. My professor Googled for "crazy guy" and found the beauty below, and told us to write a story about the guy.

Ain't he a beaut?

I looked into those eyes and said to myself "this guy has seen something," and then it hit me that this would be a great opportunity to get into the backstory of an incomplete novel I've been working on periodically for the past three or four years (part of which I serialized on Smart Bitches, if you're hankering to read more of my execrable fiction). Anyway, here's the story of the guy in the mugshot, his kid brother Eddie, their lock guy, Maurice, and what happens when a crazy Russian named Karkossian hires them.

Some cautions: pretty graphic violence. It's a horror story. And you really need to read it or hear it being read by some guy who's trying way, way too hard to be James Dean, or maybe one of the greasers from The Outsiders.

The deal was simple: Eddie, Maurice and me, we were supposed to break into this old guy’s house and steal a book. )
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(Another writing exercise, this time for my fiction class. The point of the exercise is to use all five of these words in a two-page story: quarter, straw, forever, empty, downtown. I had a blast writing it, and here I am, subjecting you to it via the Intertubes!)

When Edna opened her bedroom closet that night to find it packed to the brim with straw again, she sat down on the foot of the bed and wondered what her life had come to. Maybe she did need to call some kind of psychic or medium after all. Or a farmer to come empty the closet. Surely a cow or goat or alpaca somewhere would appreciate the forage. )


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