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But first, an anecdote:

So we took Callisto in for a vet checkup today, and when the receptionist saw Callisto, she practically squealed and said "Oh my God, she looks just like our clinic kitten! They must meet!" She did a bit of kitten wrangling under a desk and emerged with a gorgeous long-haired black tabby Manx boy kitten, just a few weeks older than Callisto. We brought them close together and they snuffled noses, and the receptionist extended the Manx kitten's paws and petted Callisto on her head with them, and said "Look! I'm petting your kitten with my kitten! That makes it extra-cute. It's, like, meta-petting!"

"I'm petting your kitten with my kitten" is totally going to be a new, horribly inappropriate catchphrase with me.

I know, I know, make with the pictures already. )
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No pictures yet, because I left my camera at [livejournal.com profile] xwrn's, but but but WE HAVE A KITTEN and HOLY CRAP SHE IS CUTE. She's a ten-week-old long-haired dilute tortoiseshell, which means she's mostly gray with splashes of buff/cream, and one hind leg is almost entirely orange creamsicle tabby. She's incredibly well-socialized--we got her from Must Love Dogs NW, which normally fosters dogs but occasionally takes in cats--and her foster parents have three girls ranging from early teen to just started grade school, as well as four dogs and two other cats (that we saw). The kitten's incredibly confident and social, and loud noises don't bother her at all, which is good, given that we're not a very quiet household. She spent some time hiding under the bed when we first brought her home, but she spent all night snuggling with both Robert and me, and now she only runs under the bed when she's badly startled. She loooooooves playtime (well, what kitten doesn't?), and took to raw food like a friggin' champ.

It took us a little while to decide on a name for her--candidates included Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (because we're gigantic Cowboy Bebop dorks), Emma Peel, Higgins, Jeeves, Io, Callisto, Schrodinger and Heisenberg. Ultimately, we decided on Callisto, because it just felt right. (Later, I found out that Kalliste means "most beautiful" in Greek, which delighted me inordinately.) Hopefully, she won't suffer the same tragedies of her namesake. But then, I guess that sort of beats being raped by a swan?

In any case, we have a kitten, and we are super-pleased. Hitlercat, on the other hand, is somewhat skeptical. We're introducing them slowly, over the course of a week or two, so Callisto is staying in the bedroom for now, while Hitercat has the run of the rest of the apartment. The activity for the next couple of days: scent swap! I rub a sock all over Callisto (who thinks it's a toy and wants to kill it) and give it to Hitler, and then I rub a sock all over Hitler (who thinks it's a tremendous bother and wants to escape from it) and give it to Callisto. Rinse, repeat.

In completely non-related news: I have a bitchin' case of the flu that I caught from Robert. It's two weeks before finals. And I'm still behind. Everything, from my joints to my skin to MY FREAKING HAIR aches. This semester hates me and wants me to die, I'm convinced of it.

But hey, I have two cats again. This makes me ridiculously happy. It doesn't make me miss Eric any less, of course, but snuggling with Hitlercat and Callisto = best stress therapy ever.

Once I get my camera back, there will be pictures, oh yessssss. In the meanwhile, if anybody wants to come visit, definitely feel free to drop by and say hello.
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Eric's heart stopped yesterday. There's not much to say, other the fact that I'm heartbroken and still processing.

Please enjoy my favorite Stupid Cat Tricks of Eric's:

Eric loved being spun around on the floor. Like, insanely fast:

He was also master of the Stupid Couch Trick, whereby we tossed him on the couch. Repeatedly.

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Just over a week ago, I noticed Eric's appetite dipping. Since I feed my cats two meals a day, I notice pretty quickly if they reject something, and if they do it more than twice in a row, my radar goes up, especially for Eric, who's not exactly what one could categorize as "picky." He seemed especially reluctant to chew, and was noticeably more enthusiastic about eating canned food than raw (the raw is chewier and much more difficult to eat by licking).

So my first thought was "Crap, he needs another teeth cleaning." He's always had horrible teeth, and his breath is doom and destruction--it's been that way since he was a wee kitten. So I called the vet and scheduled a check-up and a blood draw.

In the meanwhile, I started noticing that I had to refill the water in their water bowls much more frequently than I used to, but I attributed that to the weather; it's still pretty warm and dry, and I let them out several days a week (we have a lovely courtyard, where the kitties can frolic quite safely), which means they run around a lot more and drink more, too. Didn't think a thing about it.

So I brought the Orange Menace in, and he hadn't lost any weight--on the contrary, he'd put on a whole six ounces since his checkup in early August. His temperature was perfectly normal, and his heart sounded good.

But. But. While wrestling with Eric for the blood draw (and of course the poor monkey doesn't get the fact that if he just sat still instead of leaping for freedom and glory, it'd be over much sooner; if there were one thing I could communicate to my cats during vet visits, that would be it), the vet noticed that his kidneys felt enlarged. Eric had also peed himself during the course of the Blood Draw Olympics, and she noticed that the pee was unusually dilute as well.

And all of a sudden, the dip in his appetite and rise in water intake clicked together into a picture that made a lot of sense. I mean, not to rule out his teeth, because they do need to get cleaned, too. But yeah. Suddenly, the specter of chronic renal failure has raised its ugly head.

I'm irrationally scared. We won't know what's going on for sure yet until the blood draw results come in tomorrow or Thursday, but the part of my brain in charge of Worst Case Scenarios is whizzing into overdrive. I'm telling myself that he's still active and happy and generally his Wee Orange Bastardish self, but as far as I'm concerned, Wednesday or Thursday can't come soon enough.
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I should post this to my cat food website, but I really want to upgrade it to a proper Wordpress blog, and I won't have time to do it until the weekend, and if there's one thing I've learned about writing, it's to get the words out while I'm feeling the urge. So here: some thoughts about cat food and feeding cats.

Cut for those of you only minimally interested in the proper care and feeding of cats. )
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The Offer: Dudes, I have a spare ticket to the UTTERLY AMAZING Decemberists/Andrew Bird/Blind Pilot show, because I bought the ticket and forgot I'm going to be in Washington D.C. this week. GARRRRRRRRRR. So much bitterness! Three of my favorite bands of all time, playing in ONE SHOW. And I'm missing it. To add salt to the wound, [livejournal.com profile] katealaurel is going, and it was going to be a beautiful commie bonding moment for us before she heads to parts unknown. GARRRRRRRRR. Anyway, you can have the ticket for what I paid for it, which is $46. E-mail me and let me know if you're interested.

The request: [livejournal.com profile] spelunkingplato found a couple of wee kittens dumped at her doorstep just a couple of days ago, and the poor mites are adorable as all hell. They're also small, thin and laden with an upper respiratory infection--which isn't serious, but is infectious to other cats (it's essentially the kitty flu, caused by either the calicivirus or herpesvirus). The problem is, [livejournal.com profile] spelunkingplato is moving in a couple days, and is moving in with somebody who's allergic to cats--and she's going to be leaving on a couple different trips out of town. She's called shelters, but hasn't been able to find anyone who'll take them who won't be likely to euthanize them (which isn't surprising--this is smack dab in the middle of Kitten and Puppy Season), and she's posted on Craigslist and various LJ communities. So a couple different things:

1. Ideally, if you are in the Portland area and can afford to foster the kittens for a few weeks (or, hell, a few days at this point would be good so [livejournal.com profile] spelunkingplato can catch her breath and figure something out), could you please take them in? (I'd do it, except I'm going to be out of town, too, and I really really really don't have the room at the moment.)

2. The kittens need vet attention, and are generally in need of Things What Cost Money like food, litter and toys. If you can't foster, can you chip in a little bit? The people involved in this impromptu rescue effort are either students or recent grads or employed in professions that don't pay super-well, and I figured that if we could muster up a couple bucks each from various friends, we can take care of all the kittens' needs without placing too much of the burden on [livejournal.com profile] spelunkingplato or her friend who's currently fostering them for a couple days. ([livejournal.com profile] spelunkingplato has been too gracious to ask for monetary help, but I'm pretty much shameless, especially when it comes to kitten rescue.)

Anyway, feel free to e-mail me, or comment on [livejournal.com profile] spelunkingplato's LJ if you're able to offer anything--even if it's just encouraging words and advice on kittens.
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I'm curled up on the couch in my aquamarine-and-yellow leopard print pajamas, finishing my Intellectual Property Reading before my 3:30 class.

On my left: Eric, with his cheek firmly pressed against the heating vent of my Thinkpad, the rest of his body draped across my feet.

On my right: Hitlercat, snuggled up against my right arm, curled up on a stack of cushions, making funny purry-snorty sounds.

It's difficult to type, but oh my God, I'm not sure you can cram much more snuggly cute into this picture unless you Photoshop koalas hugging in the background or something.
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I'm sleeping in my own apartment for once. How strange! I miss Ben's warm presence next to me, but it's also nice to have ze kittenz all cuddled up to me in bed. But petting them right now is a shocking enterprise, thanks to how cold and dry it's been. Running my fingers through Eric's coat produces a symphony of miniature snaps and pops, and my fingertips tingle from the multitude of shocks. I can't imagine it feels all that great for Eric, but he's purring up a storm and pressing harder into my hand.

Ah, my little masochist kitty. He enjoys being spanked, too.
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Thing the First: Holy crap I am congested. Cold + cat allergies = mucus production like whoa. (Yes, I'm mildly allergic to cats. Yes, I have two of them. Yes, it's totally worth it. Yes, I need to mop and vacuum more often.)

Thing the Second: I am constantly surprised at how much my cats love me. Or, if you're the sort who's skeptical about the ability of animals to feel emotion, how much crap my cats will put up with, as long as it comes from me. I spent a solid five minutes this morning poking Eric in the face and punching him in the head (not especially hard, but not especially gently, either) just to see if I could annoy him enough to get him off the countertop, and he just kept purring and pushing his head into my hands for more. Coming from anyone else (with the possible exception of Michael, whom he adores), he probably would've nipped at them or jumped off in a huff.

Thing the Third: Happy Belated Coming Out Day. I was going to post something about sexual orientation, sexual preference and the inadequacy of labels, but I am too tired and too stuffed up to write anything substantial at the mo. I will say, however, that I've found the perfect way to describe my particular sexual orientation: Girls are a sometime food. (This is all part of the OM NOM NOM NOM theory of human sexuality, which I'm still working on fleshing out fully.)

Thing the Fourth: [livejournal.com profile] knittinggoddess picked five of my interests, and I'm-a write about them and why they're on my Interests List on LJ. If you want, post a comment here, and I'll pick out five interests in your list and ask you talk a bit about them.


Pink-ish shirts (versus!) pinker sweaters
People who know me personally know I have a Thing about pink--i.e., I love it. I have a lot of pink clothing, but they're not usually 100% pink--they're pink-striped, for example, or black with pink polka dots, or what-thefuck-ever.

But what it comes down to is that I was wearing a pink floral shirt and a really obnoxiously pink angora sweater when I was filling out my LJ profile, and I thought it'd be amusing to stick that in my interests list.

Pinky Tuscadero
I've listed Pinky Tuscadero as my personal hero in a couple of social networking sites. No good reason--I just love the way the name sounds.

Posterizing glowstick photography
A lot items in that list were chosen because I wanted to have unique interests. This was probably my most successful attempt to date. ("Pinker sweaters" was a unique interest until [livejournal.com profile] crab_caution listed it on his list.) If I wanted to analyze it in any sort of meaningful way, I s'pose it simultaneously indicates my interest in fucking around in Photoshop, dancing to thumpy music and taking (bad) night-time pictures with my camera.

Raw meat
This is probably one of the few legitimate interests in my list. (The others would be parsimonious scientific theories and bitching smartly.) I feed my cats a raw home-made diet, and my fascination with raw meat--its nutritional content, its sources, the differences between meat from factory-farmed animals and more humanely-raised livestock, the parasites and pathogens they harbor--will either terrify you, disgust you, or bore you senseless.

Tangentially: I love the way undercooked meat tastes. Time to add a new interest to LJ!

I rule

Sep. 13th, 2007 10:49 pm
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I just made the most amazing chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. No, I'm serious--they're really, REALLY good. You people need to kidnap me more often and tell me to make cupcakes for you. For serious.

Also, in an ongoing culinary puns-n-poets game with Beth, Jonathan and Jeff (which kicked off with Peanut Butter and Shelley), I came up with "Edgar Allen Poe' Boy." I am unduly proud of this. I also came up with Allen Ginsberger and fries. Ezra Poundcake, too, but somebody had already beat me to it. Maya Angelou Food Cake was kind of clumsy; I liked the Maya Flangelou variation that somebody else came up with much better.

Also also, Beth made me a scarf! It is bright purple and FUZZY. I want to curl up around it and purr like a kitten. I can't wait for an opportunity to wear it.

Also also also: Jeff and Beth kind of simultaneously said LANGSTON BOOZE. Holy shit.

Kitten news: she's back in one piece. Teeth are fixx0red and freshly cleaned, and my bank account is $257 poorer for it. Totally worth it, though.

In conclusion: I win at today.
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Yeah, the subject line doesn't really scan. Bite me.

So Hitlercat got something stuck in her mouth last night. I tried to see what it was, but the effort was largely fruitless; she was getting stressed out from my examination, I was singularly unsuccessful, and she accidentally bit me during the process (entirely my fault, I assure you--I had a finger jammed in the back of her mouth, and she mewed and struggled and closed her mouth before I could retrieve it in time). ANYWAY. I decided to give it a night to see if it cleared by itself like these sorts of things have in the past, but when I got home this morning, she was still pawing her mouth and licking her chops. Time for the doctor!

I called my froofy hippie vet and asked for the soonest available opening. They said there was a 5:30 p.m. cancellation, could I make that? Ooh, PERFECT, said I. Then when I explained the situation, they said "Nope, bring her in NOW, because it sounds like she's in discomfort."

I love my vet. Seriously.

Also, I'm so lucky that my cats love their pet carrier. I opened the carrier up, put a towel in, and Hitler walked right in and snuggled down while I closed the door.

(Yes, there are MANY jokes you could make about this. Consider them made, mmkay, with the *ba-dum-tish* flourish at the end.)

I'll keep you posted on the exciting details of my cat's health. Try not to pass out from the excitement.
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Hitlercat is sleeping on my bed right now, all stretched out and belly exposed because she's feeling warm (as am I). So I did what any reasonable person would've: I started snuggling her belly and giving it little kisses. She immediately started purring, but I noticed that every time I kissed her belly, she gave a little grunt that would interrupt the purring.

So it'd go like this:

Me: *snorglesnorgle*
Hitler: ...purrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
Me: *snorglesnorglekiss*
Hitler: ...purrrrrrrrrrrr*unh*rrrrrrrrrrr...

So ridiculously cute.

I really don't know what I'd do without my cats. Besides not having to sweep so often, I mean.
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You heard me. Hitler cats, Hitler cats, nothing but Hitler cats.

I need to submit meine kleine Furhrer.

(What's the female variation of Fuhrer, dammit?).

(Heh heh. That was a funny typo. I'm letting it stand.)


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