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...that, inspired by a comment by [livejournal.com profile] tarentel, I've decided to name my iPod Admiral Onthophagus Ramsbottom. Phagus to his friends. (Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] konomaigo for the suggestion.) Phagey to his really close friends.

That is all. I'm still inordinately pleased by my new shiny thing. And my sleep deprivation makes me even more easily amused than usual by bad jokes.
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I was mucking around some old text files (circa 2001, to be specific), and found an old e-mail I'd written to somebody on SparkMatch (the OKCupid precursor). I kicked it off like this:

She walked in looking like a million bucks and a heap of trouble. I like my broads the way I like my food: hot, fast and cheap, and baby, this one had the best set of Golden Arches I'd ever seen.

This is so pat, so neat, that I have to wonder whether I actually wrote this, or whether I filched it from somewhere.
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I don't know why I feel a perverse glee in seeing a famous registered trademark rendered unrenewable because it's become a generic term, but there you have it. Perhaps because I see it as a just price for fame and its attendant mind share? Thus, here are some terms I use generically (either as a noun, or verbed) despite being Somebody Who Should Know Better Since She's Taken a Class in Intellectual Property Law And All.

Cling wrap
Crock pot
Walkman/Discman (though this perhaps betrays my age, what with you kids and your fancy newfangled iPods and all--GET OFFA MY LAWN)

Some that have become so generic, I had no idea until recently they were trademarked terms once upon a time:


This drive-by post brought to you by the number Way Too Little Goddamn Sleep and the letter Oh God Cramming for IP Final on Monday.
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1. There is lamb curry simmering on the stove right now, driving me crazy with the smell of of its deliciousness.

2. [livejournal.com profile] mcmathja made the most amazing hot chocolate ever from melted bittersweet chocolate and whole milk.

3. [livejournal.com profile] katealaurel made cinnamon bread.


6. The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain's rendition of the theme song to Shaft.

7. I've just made a mix CD for a friend that I'm really gleeful about. It only lacks Bohemian Rhapsody. Multnomah County Library, hear my plea! (Or at least, put my hold on the hold shelf!)
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1. Now that it's cold, I basically want to eat nothing but bacon, pesto, curry chicken and lamb shanks in red wine. Fat craving much?

(I am, as I type this, munching on a big bowl of pesto with penne, topped with THREE SLICES OF BACON. Eating like me is not for the faint hearted or small-arteried.)

2. Listening to the Berlin Philharmonic play a Beethoven symphony back in Karajan's heyday is like driving a BMW sedan in perfect condition. There's so much effortless power and smooth handling that you come to take it for granted--you kind of forget that the experience could be/should be any other way, and you settle in and get really comfortable, but then you get to some zippy, tricky bits and you're all "HOT DAMN THIS IS FUN."
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Cooking a late dinner while listening to Bach's organ music makes it feel less like cooking, and more like MAD SCIENCE.

Where's my cackling assistant? A beautiful boy, half-naked and tied to the wall, wouldn't go amiss, either. Also a lab coat. And an awesome Helmet of Science with a multitude of eyepieces, weird articulated arms and blinky lights. And beakers filled with solutions that change color while bubbling and foaming.
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Today struck me as somewhat warm, but nothing extraordinary. La la la, did a bunch of chores, re-arranged all my books, took out a buncha trash, lazed around, chatted with neighbors, noticed the cats doing their best impressions of overcooked noodles but didn't really pay attention to that, came back in, checked the weather report...and holy shit, it was over 100°.

I guess spending a couple weeks in Arizona in July has kind of broken my sense of what "hot" means. My body is going "Dude, it's hot, but it's not 115° in the shade, so it's not THAT hot." Which is kind of nice, because it's going to be more of the same for the next three or four days.

In other news: my stomach has staged a rebellion against me. Not eating makes me feel crappy, but eating makes me feel downright miserable. I'm a special little bunny because if I go for too long without eating, my stomach starts bleedin' on me. So far, we've negotiated a fragile ceasefire over toast, white rice and eggs sunny-side-up. The ooginess has meant that I decided to skip the 48 Hour Film Festival tonight, though, which made me very, very sad, because [livejournal.com profile] borktron is in it this year. (He's part of Team Nealham, and he gets to play a two-bit gangster.) This is the first year I've missed going with Michael in...four years? Five? I can't even remember. SADNESS AND TEARS.
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Ben finally fit a pack on me that works quite beautifully. It's not perfect, but it's far and away the most comfortable backpack I've ever put on. There was about 32 lbs. loaded in it, and I literally skipped while toting it around on my back because the weight was distributed so beautifully.

This pack of wonderment is the Arcteryx Briza 62, size short.

And it costs $350. $245 with the discount Ben can provide me.

...yeah, I don't think I'm going to have a pack any time soon. Ha.

Why is good gear so stupid-expensive? Sigh.
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Spent a good chunk of today trying on backpacks. Big ones. For overnight camping trips and such. TWO AND A HALF HOURS OF HAULING 35 POUNDS ON AND OFF MY BACK. Only to go "Owwwww," because the packs wouldn't seat properly--even the smallest women's packs overshot the length of my torso by anywhere from half an inch to two.

Ben finally fitted a child's pack on me, and it actually worked! Everything seated properly, and there was good shoulder contact on the straps. Except the straps cut a little into that expanse of muscle and skin that runs from the clavicle to sternum, which is due to the fact that the manufacturer made this pack specifically for children, and kids don't typically have D-size knockers.

It's almost as if I'm not shaped like the typical white American female, or something.

I was puzzled at how much the whole experience had wiped me out--I'm physically tired as well as suffering from a big case of retail exhaustion--and I realized: DUDE. I'd just spent TWO AND A HALF HOURS HAULING 35 POUNDS ON AND OFF MY BACK.

In other news: Lunch with Ben today was amazing. We stumbled across East India Co., a swanky Indian restaurant smack in downtown Portland. The lunch menu was spendy, but I wasn't especially hungry, so we split the Viceroy's Lunch. Oh my god. So much deliciousness. The naan was, I am not shitting you, the best I've had in America: warm, soft, fragrant and delightfully chewy in all the right ways. And their lamb kebab was amaaaaaazing--strongly spiced, firm, a touch of heat. Their yogurt-based soup (khadi) was also really, really good--savory in a way that coated the back of my tongue in a most satisfying way. I would've been happy eating a whole pot of the damn thing.

This is the best Indian food I've had in Portland. I'm going to have to go back for dinner some time and see what they do with their lamb dishes--I'm eyeballing their rogan josh and lamb vindaloo with serious intent. If you have a spare bit of moolah and you're jonesing for some excellent Indian food, check them out.
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This is more for my benefit than anyone else's, but holy goddamn my hair needs cuttin', and this time around, instead of my tried-n-true "Eh, do whatever you want" instructions to the Shearer of Locks, I'm doing a bit of research. And this is a repository of styles I think will look reasonably flattering on me.


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Yes, these look substantially similar--that's because I don't have that much hair to work with as yet. When it grows out, I'm aiming for something more along these lines:

Less Short Option 1

Less Short Option 2

Thoughts? Votes? Links to other flattering haircuts?

OK. Back to crunching for le finals. Sigh.
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1. My thoughts on faith, belief in God, belief in the Supernatural, the existence of the supernatural and my ongoing tussle with rationality vs. irrationality.

2. How large, radically varied groups united by a single overarching belief should own their (sometimes over-the-)borderline-psychotic members as being, you know, members of their groups instead of going, "Oh, those aren't REAL [insert group identity here]," thereby conveniently ducking responsibility and/or examining exactly how these philosophies have been co-opted and where exactly they went wrong. Christians, Muslims and feminists, I'm especially looking at you. (This rant brought to you by reading the recent Vox Day kerfuffle at John Scalzi's blog, in which various Christian apologists have attempted to argue that Christianity has never inspired violence or hatred against another group, with one person categorizing the medieval Catholic church as being "on the margins," refusing to acknowledge Mormons as Christians and refusing to acknowledge homophobia as hatred. GAHHHHHHH.)

3. Why I find the theory of efficient breach in contracts morally repulsive.
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Dude. My head won't stop spinning. It's disconcerting to stop moving and physically feel the room toddle along without you in long, elliptical loops.

Not cool.

I'm-a lie back down.
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My Away message on AIM/Gmail chat: "Look at me still talking when there’s science to do / When I look out there it makes me glad I’m not you / I’ve experiments to run, there is research to be done / On the people who are still alive"

[livejournal.com profile] jennekirby's Away message on AIM: "I'm doing science and I'm still alive."

[livejournal.com profile] ariiadne's Away message on AIM: "THE CAKE IS A LIE."
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Now that I'm eating so infrequently, my meals sometimes look like an excuse for ingesting fat in as many different forms as possible. For instance, here's a sandwich I made myself for breakfast/lunch:

3 strips of bacon
3 slices of turkey pastrami
Half a mashed-up avocado (in lieu of mayonnaise)
Butter lettuce
Whole grain bread

I almost put cheese on it--and a fried egg. But I decided they'd be overkill. This time.

My fat craving makes perfect sense: it's cold outside, and since I eat maybe one decent meal a day nowadays, my body wants an efficient source of calories. But I was thinking how even when I'm not on a stupid eating schedule, I very rarely crave carbohydrates. I'll occasionally have a yen for rice and vegetables, but here are the food cravings I've experienced most often in my life, in descending order:

1. Rare steak
2. Spinach
3. Eggs (with the white set and the yolk pretty much raw, so over easy or lightly poached)
4. Chocolate
5. Dark chicken meat
6. Raw salmon
7. Whole milk (preferably chocolate-flavored, or in the form of eggnog when the season's right)

When I talk about cravings, I'm not talking about "Oh, it'd be nice to have this for dinner." I'm talking about a gnawing hunger that won't be satisfied by other foods and that persists despite any physical satiety. (I've been craving a huge slab of raw salmon for almost a week now. Cry. Just thinking about it right now makes me want to run to Saburo and savage the huge slabs of toro sake they have behind the sushi counter.)

Except for the chocolate, none of these foods contain significant quantities of carbohydrates. The running theme seems to be "fat, iron, B12 and protein."

The other day, for the first time ever, I craved broccoli. BROCCOLI. I've always thought that shit was vile--until last Saturday, when I ordered some absolutely disgusting beef and broccoli from a Chinese restaurant and inhaled half of the order in one sitting. My brain knew it really wasn't that good (the sauce was bland yet slimy, and the beef was...the less said about the beef, the better, really), but my body didn't care. It tasted amazing. I was literally giggling with glee as I ate it.

For a girl who eats so much fat, I'm in relatively good shape--the fact that my overall calorie intake is more-or-less appropriate for somebody my size and activity level helps a lot. But who the fuck knows what's happening to my insides? I suppose it'll be no more than I deserve when I die at age 45 from arteriosclerosis, colon cancer, diabetes and cardiac infarction--all at the same time.
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Thing the First: Holy crap I am congested. Cold + cat allergies = mucus production like whoa. (Yes, I'm mildly allergic to cats. Yes, I have two of them. Yes, it's totally worth it. Yes, I need to mop and vacuum more often.)

Thing the Second: I am constantly surprised at how much my cats love me. Or, if you're the sort who's skeptical about the ability of animals to feel emotion, how much crap my cats will put up with, as long as it comes from me. I spent a solid five minutes this morning poking Eric in the face and punching him in the head (not especially hard, but not especially gently, either) just to see if I could annoy him enough to get him off the countertop, and he just kept purring and pushing his head into my hands for more. Coming from anyone else (with the possible exception of Michael, whom he adores), he probably would've nipped at them or jumped off in a huff.

Thing the Third: Happy Belated Coming Out Day. I was going to post something about sexual orientation, sexual preference and the inadequacy of labels, but I am too tired and too stuffed up to write anything substantial at the mo. I will say, however, that I've found the perfect way to describe my particular sexual orientation: Girls are a sometime food. (This is all part of the OM NOM NOM NOM theory of human sexuality, which I'm still working on fleshing out fully.)

Thing the Fourth: [livejournal.com profile] knittinggoddess picked five of my interests, and I'm-a write about them and why they're on my Interests List on LJ. If you want, post a comment here, and I'll pick out five interests in your list and ask you talk a bit about them.


Pink-ish shirts (versus!) pinker sweaters
People who know me personally know I have a Thing about pink--i.e., I love it. I have a lot of pink clothing, but they're not usually 100% pink--they're pink-striped, for example, or black with pink polka dots, or what-thefuck-ever.

But what it comes down to is that I was wearing a pink floral shirt and a really obnoxiously pink angora sweater when I was filling out my LJ profile, and I thought it'd be amusing to stick that in my interests list.

Pinky Tuscadero
I've listed Pinky Tuscadero as my personal hero in a couple of social networking sites. No good reason--I just love the way the name sounds.

Posterizing glowstick photography
A lot items in that list were chosen because I wanted to have unique interests. This was probably my most successful attempt to date. ("Pinker sweaters" was a unique interest until [livejournal.com profile] crab_caution listed it on his list.) If I wanted to analyze it in any sort of meaningful way, I s'pose it simultaneously indicates my interest in fucking around in Photoshop, dancing to thumpy music and taking (bad) night-time pictures with my camera.

Raw meat
This is probably one of the few legitimate interests in my list. (The others would be parsimonious scientific theories and bitching smartly.) I feed my cats a raw home-made diet, and my fascination with raw meat--its nutritional content, its sources, the differences between meat from factory-farmed animals and more humanely-raised livestock, the parasites and pathogens they harbor--will either terrify you, disgust you, or bore you senseless.

Tangentially: I love the way undercooked meat tastes. Time to add a new interest to LJ!
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I don't quite know why I signed up for a Facebook account, but I did.

I've attempted to add a great number of you to my friendslist already, but for those of you whom I haven't gotten around to adding yet for whatever damn reason, feel free to add me. Search for Candy + my last name.
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Walking down W. Burnside with Peter today, catching up with each other after months of little to no contact, wearing my "Nothing Rhymes with Orange" T-shirt, when at the intersection of 12th and Burnside, a car stops, the passenger door opens and a boy with brown curly hair sticks his head out and yells at me: "That's my favorite Threadless T-shirt!"

I yelled back "Thank you! Woo!" and waved my arm at him.
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I'm typing this while tucked in very, very comfortably on my couch, with a purring cat on my feet and my computer propped up against my blankets and body pillow. This is unbelievably comfortable, even though my eyes are starting to ache from lack of sleep. (But I still have a shit-ton of work to do, aaah).

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...I bring you this Achewood strip that I remembered just a few minutes ago, pretty much apropos of nothing:

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I have things of substance to say, but no time to blather about them at the moment. (Am working on summarizing this WICKED SEXY COOL article on organismal transparency that [livejournal.com profile] pristis provided me that I'll hopefully post soon, complete with pictures so you can see all sorts of nifty photos of Animals What You Can See Through, Guvna.)

But I do have a shiny new toy.

Currently up there: Plunderathon 2006 photos, Awesome Bedheaddery and pictures from my Christmas vacation to St. Croix in 2005, including Farm Olympics wackiness. (Competitions included tug-o-war, hole digging, king of the raft, Iron Bush Chef and a talent show. When organic farm nerds get together, wacky times will surely ensue.) More pictures will be added to it soon, including photos from a beach trip [livejournal.com profile] borktron and I took last year, plus transferring all my Santacon and Zombiewalk photos there, and assorted pictures from Christmas, etc.

And there will be a huge set composed exclusively of pictures of my cats. It will likely outnumber all other pictures taken COMBINED. Oh, the terror. Oh, the crazy-cat-ladyness.

If you have a Flickr account, add me as a friend. THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS THEE.


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