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Friends, I have engaged in some 150-proof nerdery in my life, but I think today takes the cake: I was sitting in a park with my boyfriend and a good buddy, both of whom I'd met via OkCupid. Waiting for Trek in the Park to start so I could watch their reenactment of Space Seed. While playing Magic: The Gathering. And not just any kind of Magic. ELDER DRAGON HIGHLANDER Magic.

I was playing with my hilariously mean Kaervek the Merciless deck; Robert was test-playing his new Brion Stoutarm deck; and Charles was playing with his insanely fast, insanely beatsticky Uril, the Miststalkerrrrrrr (..alker! ...alker! ...alker!) deck. I won the first game in record time and had a harder time with the second, but I think my endless array of damage mechanisms would've probably won me the game--assuming Robert didn't draw into his steal-and-sacrifice cards, of course. Alas, Trek started before we could quite finish.

Trek in the Park was, as promised, amazing and hilarious. The guy who played Bones had his comic timing down, and Scottie would've been even more stellar if the actor had any kind of outside voice worth mentioning. As it was, the brogue's over-the-top awesomeness made me laugh even without any audible, intelligible words. The guy who played Khan did it with just the right touch of campy flair. And all the mentions of the terrible, terrible worldwide eugenics wars and the War to End Tyranny in the 1990s drew quite a few belly-laughs from the crowd. All in all: a raucous good time.
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