Mar. 1st, 2010

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As happens every couple of years, I am yet again making more of an effort to cook decent meals made mostly from ingredients whose natural origins are recognizable. Tonight's effort: chicken curry with mushrooms and zucchini, and baby broccoli sauteed with thin strips of tri-tip steak, garlic, pepper flakes and toasted sesame seeds. The chicken curry is tasty, but it always is because I cheat shamelessly using a pre-made paste, and honestly, most food items featuring a whole can of coconut milk are an instant win for me. The baby broccoli/beef thing, though? Holy crap! It turned out super well! It was even deliciouser than I thought it'd be! I am insanely pleased! So pleased that for the first time in aaaaages, I'm going to post a recipe.

So, what you need are:
One large-ish bunch baby broccoli, or a decent-sized head of adult broccoli if that's where your proclivities lie (YOU ALWAYS KNEW I LIKE 'EM YOUNG), chopped into big chunks
4 ounces thinly-sliced steak of some kind (my favorite is tri-tip, which hits that magic sweet spot of good flavor, good texture and reasonable price), which is completely optional because this is perfectly tasty meatless
Half a head of garlic, minced
Olive oil
Toasted sesame seeds (if you really like sesame, sub some of the olive oil with toasted sesame oil)
Chili flakes
Water--I ended up using about a quarter cup

Heat a large skillet on medium-high. Sautee the garlic in olive oil until it's juuuuust barely starting to brown. Throw in broccoli; cower in fear as oil starts mad spittin' everywhere if you don't have access to one of those oil shield things. Briskly stir the broccoli; it'll start looking dry very shortly, so grab a couple tablespoonfuls of water and throw it in there. Enjoy the steam. Stir more. Throw in more water. Cover the skillet for a couple minutes, then stir the broccoli some more. Vegetables looking dry again? Toss in another couple tablespoons of water. When it's on the cusp of looking done (I judge this by the fact that when I press one of the big stems with the edge of my spatula, there's just the faintest hint of give), toss in the steak. Stir! Stir, you fools! And when the steak's just about as done as you like it to be (I like mine the way I like my women: tender and bloody, oh ho ho ho), add the pepper flakes, sesame seeds, salt and pepper, stirring as you go to get the Optimal Level of Flavor.

In any case: super-fast, super-tasty, and moderately healthy. Hooray! This has all the signs of becoming a regular part of my Quick Cookin' Repertoire.


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